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Portable handwashing for high-volume use

Get the convenience, flexibility, and cost savings of portable handwashing

Our handwashing stations are easy to transport, set up, and take down, and are a cost-effective alternative to permanent plumbing, especially when it’s not available. They’re convenient as a first line of defense for staying safe and clean in any industry, indoors or out. We’ve been manufacturing our sinks according to top standards for years and years—our team has the experience and expertise to help you find the right one for your needs.



Handwashing measures can reduce the spread of germs in schools, simultaneously decreasing the amount of illness-related absences.


Healthcare professionals must wash their hands frequently as a universal precaution. Certified according to public health requirements, our sinks provide clean, safe, and convenient handwashing for these professionals.


Portable handwashing stations can help to reduce cross-contamination and ensure health and safety on the job site. They’re rugged, durable, and freestanding, so they’re great for any environment.

Warehousing / Manufacturing

Our certified sinks make it easy for workers to stay safe and clean. Frequent handwashing also helps to prevent the spread of germs and reduces the amount of staff sick days.

Food Service

For years our sinks have been a go-to for chefs, caterers, and kitchen managers. Each one of our sinks meets public health requirements for indoor and outdoor use, so they’re ready to perform wherever you are.


The same way chefs and caterers absolutely need convenient handwashing, so do your guests. Whether indoors or out, there’s a portable handwashing solution here for your event needs.

Compliance you can count on

Crown Verity handwashing stations meet all public health requirements and certifications, including CSA, UL, and NSF.


We have had the benefit of adding sinks inexpensively for more convenient handwashing for both our employees and our customers.

Mike Benschop Wegmans Supermarkets

Handwashing is so simple, yet can impact so much

Certified and convenient handwashing is a necessity for many environments in order to keep your people safe and healthy, and reduce absences.

A handwashing station for any space

With a wide variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect handwashing solution for your needs. Choose from sleek stainless steel or rugged polyethylene.

Stainless Portable Sinks

Sleek and seamless in style, our professional-quality stainless steel handwashing stations come in a range of models and options, including hot and/or cold water solutions.

  • 1, 2, or 3 Sinks

    Choose from 1, 2, or 3 sink basins, or choose our narrower, single-sink, space-saver option.

  • Fresh & Waste Water Tanks

    Removable water tanks make for easy filling and maintenance. You can safely dispose of wastewater, but always leave the sink on site.

  • Hands-Free Options

    We offer hands-free taps, soap, and paper towel dispensers, making handwashing more convenient and reducing touchpoints.

Shop Stainless Sinks

Foot Switch

Each sink can be operated by an easy-to-use foot switch, so there’s never a need to touch the sink.

Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel holder is included right next to the sink basin for seamless washing and drying.

Lockable Access Door

Each stainless sink is equipped with a lockable access door where the removable fresh and wastewater tanks are stored.

Polyethylene Portable Sinks

Our rugged polyethylene sinks are constructed for durability and ease of mobility. Choose from either hot or cold water functionality.

  • Tilt-and-Go Function

    Moving like a hand truck, our polyethylene sinks tilt and roll, equipping them for rugged environments and surfaces.

  • Large Basin

    Poly sinks come with a large and deep basin, so you can immerse your whole forearm in the sink.

  • City Water & Drain

    You have the flexibility to hook your unit to your city water and drain, so maintenance and integration is easy.

Shop Polyethylene Sinks

Paper Towel & Soap Dispensers

Paper towel and soap dispensers are included with each unit, allowing the sink to be used right out of the box.

Ease of Mobility

Larger, rubberized wheels allow you to move this sink to any location with ease, even on the most rugged of surfaces.


Polyethylene sinks are equipped with a foot pump for convenient, hands-free handwashing.

Economy Portable Sinks

Our economy hand sinks are a space-saving polyethylene option that still include an extra large wash basin and come in hot or cold water functionality.

  • Save Space

    The economy hand sink is narrower and more compact than our other options. It’s ideal for tight spaces or areas where space is limited.

  • Large Basin

    The economy sink has a large and deep basin, allowing for the forearms to be completely immersed.

  • Built-In Handle

    Use the sink’s built-in handle and tilt-and-go function to easily move it wherever you need it.

Shop Economy Sinks

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