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Baby It’s Cold Outside…Grilling In The Cooler Weather

What happened to the warm weather? Just because it’s cooler doesn’t mean outdoor cooking is out.

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts know that the weather has little to do with how the cooking turns out if you take some extra steps to combat the weather.

The first trick is to ensure your cooking space is protected from the wind. Cooking and grilling as close to the building or house is your best choice to help block cooler winds. Just be sure to avoid porches and anything that could catch fire. Never cook in an enclosed area.

When the weather is cooler, the heat of your grill can be affected. Make sure to have extra fuel on hand. Depending o how cold it is outside, you’ll use about 1/2 again what you typically use to keep the grill at proper temperature as it fights the cold.

If you can, use ceramic cookware, that will help to insulate your food and keep it at temperature. Heating up a cast iron pan to put your cooked food in and keep it hot while you finish the rest of the cooking will help. Keep in mind, if you do this, food will continue to cook so take it off the grill a little sooner than you would normally.

As is the case with all proper grilling, make sure to warm up the grill in advance. Give it a little more time to combat the cold. 20-30 minutes ahead of cooking should do it. Remember, that grill has been out in the cold so it will take longer to heat up to begin with. Heating it will help to reduce sticking. A good Rule of thumb is to add 20 minutes cooking time per pound for every 5 degrees BELOW 45 degrees F.

Make sure to leave the lid down on the grill with the vents open. Every time you open the grill you will lose heat in the cooking chamber.

Because it’s cold, you don’t want to be outside as long either! Plan on grilling food with a shorter cooking time. Thinner or smaller cuts of meat cook quickly over high heat such as steaks, pork loins and chicken breasts.

You don’t have to stand in the cold if you’re close to the building. Keep those slip on shoes near the door and the grill so you can check often and still stay warm.

Use the cold weather to cool your drinks! Tuck them into the snow. Grill all year round and enjoy with family friends!