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5 Things You Can BBQ For The Holidays

So the holidays always sneak up on us. Between shopping, wrapping, cleaning, and planning when it finally comes to making the dinner we can be exhausted! If you love to grill or someone in the family does, make this holiday a grilled holiday.


Want some thing that will leave your guests wanting more and anticipating the upcoming meal? Try this simply amazing Fig and Prosciutto with Cane Sugar and Wildflower Honey and start off your Christmas and holiday season with appetizers that are unique and a definite crowd pleaser.

TURKEY Although grilling a turkey is not the traditional way of cooking your holiday turkey it is a delicious alternative and will leave you time and space in the kitchen for the rest of the meal. Pay heed to food safety tips and you’re guests will applaud the bird you set before them.

We all recognize Butterball as the turkey of our childhood. On their website they note that gas grilling can give you the grilled taste you crave for turkey if you follow these simple instructions:

  1. Before turning on grill, lift grate and place drip pan directly on flavourizer bars, ceramic briquettes or lava rocks. Replace grate.
  2. Prepare grill for indirect heat cooking according to owner’s guide. Preheat burners on high for 10 to 15 minutes with lid closed.
  3. Prepare fresh or thawed turkey by removing giblets and neck, draining juices and patting dry with clean paper towels.
  4. Turn wings back to hold neck skin in place and tuck legs. Brush or spray entire turkey with cooking or vegetable oil.
  5. Turn temperature down to approximately 350° F.
  6. Place turkey, breast up, on cooking grate over drip pan. Close lid and cook with minimal peeking.

You can read the entire list of tips here: along with a choice of recipes including: Roasted Turkey with Mushroom Herb Sauce or Maple Mustard Glazed Turkey


If you’re already grilling the turkey why not add a great Christmas salad to the menu.

Using fresh seasonal ingredients ensures flavour and grilling the onions and pumpkin in the Barbecued Pumpkin and Red Onion and Spinach Salad your guests will be thrilled with the outcome.


Nothing tastes like fresh grilled root vegetables seasoned with fresh spices.

The trick is even grilling, cut everything into uniform sizes to prevent small pieces from slipping through the grill racks. Remember that vegetables dry out when they hit the heat so add a little but not too much. Plus tossing them in oil will make sure the seasonings will stick better. We chose tri-coloured carrots, regular carrots, red onions, brussel sprouts and Yukon gold potatoes and tossed them in olive oil, sea salt, coarse black pepper and fresh thyme and fresh rosemary.

We used the size of the brussel sprouts as our guide for size and grilled them on a pan (you can also use foil)until evenly browned (about 10-15 minutes).

Our vegetables were dense so they take a longer time to cook but if you are doing peppers, onions etc, they are more water based so take just 2-3 minutes.


Keep everything simple so you can enjoy the time with family. This recipe for Red-hot Apples on the grill is full of flavour, takes just 10 minutes to prepare and can be grilled for dessert while you enjoy your Christmas dinner.

Helen Shubert notes on the Taste of Home website that you can “turn ordinary apples into something cinnamony and sensational. The tender treats bake on the grill during dinner. “Then just serve in bowls and top with ice cream”. We couldn’t agree more.

Have Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season and keep that grill out to help prepare a festive meal!